South Australian network for, by, and about people who hear voices and have other 'psychotic' experiences

Hello friends of the HVNSA,

It’s been a busy and productive couple of months!

HVNSA Board and Structure

We have been meeting with interested people about the future of the HVNSA, and drawing inspiration from a number of books and models of small scale social entrepreneurship. We have made links to existing networks such as Community Health Onkaparinga. No incorporation has happened as we are still finding solutions to the problems of a board of keen but very busy people with many existing commitments in their work. Please do not be concerned about this – if we cannot bring together the support to start a board, we will instead continue for now as a part of Sarah’s business. In that case we’ll be unable to seek grant money and will need to raise funds through other means, but the ‘freeze’ on projects will be lifted either way very soon and people can get involved with supporting the existing resources and helping develop more. 🙂


Sarah will be offering a free talk Psychosis without Destruction at Mifsa, Wayville on May 27th.

The busy people at the UniSA Department of Rural Health in partnership with the PIR program are putting together a conference called Walk the Talk of service integration. It will be on the 25 & 26 June, in Pt Lincoln SA. Contact Sarah or watch this space for more details.

UniSA Department of Rural Health is also running a 4 day Train the Trainer workshop about voice hearing called Hearing Voices that are Distressing – a simulated training program. It will be on the 23-24 and the 29-30 June at UniSA Whyalla Campus. There are a few subsidized places available for people with lived experience or peer workers on low incomes. This hands on, experiential learning workshop will provide you with the knowledge and experience to work with ongoing delivery of the simulation training program in South Australia. Facilitated by Arana Pearson.


  • Practical experience of delivering the training
  • Time to explore your own strengths being a facilitator of training
  • Sound knowledge base of the topic
  • Supportive training with your peers

Sarah will be at all of these events and would love to touch base and catch up with any HVNSA friends there! 🙂

New Resources

Some people who hear voices are experiencing some form of multiplicity. These people may hear ‘parts’, sometimes children or babies who cry, talk, scream, and communicate. For more information and resources about multiplicity, please see the sister network The Dissociative Initiative (DI). Jade is a volunteer admin for the DI Online Discussion Group one who has recently published 2 books. Here’s a little more about her:

Jade Miller is a blogger, artist, SRA survivor, and member of a poly- fragmented DID system. She desires to bring education and awareness about the reality of SRA/DID to the public and increase the number and availability of resources to survivors for healing. Jade has experienced a very diverse life, from living on an agriculturally oriented farm to an inner city apartment to brief homelessness in her more turbulent younger years. She has been in various hospitals and treatment centers for a wide variety of mental health diagnoses since the age of 12 and is now, as an adult, living from a place of continually increasing health and joy. She wishes to use her experiences to help other people who struggle. She wrote Dear Little Ones to help young alters understand Dissociative Identity Disorder, and she wrote Pieces of Me as a more personal look into her healing journey.

Finish with a Quote

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. -Lao Tzu

Take care all,

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