South Australian network for, by, and about people who hear voices and have other 'psychotic' experiences

A screening of the Healing Voices movie in Aldinga, but with a difference! Oryx (producer and interviewee in the film…and COO of the National Empowerment Centre in the USA) is going to be at the event and talk about alternatives that are happening.

FREE Tickets here

Sunday 17th Dec
2.30 – 6pm
23 Old Coach Rd Aldinga

Matt and Lauren from Aldinga Beach Children’s Centre will then introduce their idea for an alternative in Aldinga Beach!

Next year they will be opening something intentionally different in Aldinga and this event is part of the launch of the idea to share in the community and begin the discussion in an attempt to include the different community to have a voice in the process and journey!

They would be very grateful if you might consider distributing far and wide through networks. There’s a flyer you can print here. Although focused on the Aldinga/ Sellicks area, their hope is that the alternative project will one day be available to take to other communities in SA.

Changing the Story.JPG

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