South Australian network for, by, and about people who hear voices and have other 'psychotic' experiences

About Sarah

DSCN9097I am the person behind the Hearing Voices Network of South Australia, self funded with kind support from the international HV community. I am passionate about the Hearing Voices Movement approach. I first encountered it when supporting a distressed friend who was hearing voices to attend a local group at what was then the Mental Illness Fellowship of SA. Unexpectedly, the group was such a supportive environment with an amazing approach that I stayed on and over time became a co-facilitator. This was fortunate for me as I went on to experience psychosis myself, luckily with a lot of resources and support at my finger tips!

I also write a personal blog in which I share openly about my life, including my experiences of voice hearing and psychosis. To explore those posts, try:

As I’ve learned more about the HVM approaches and ideas, and began to apply them more broadly to other experiences of distress. I studied what worked about the hearing voices groups and used those values to found groups for people struggling with experiences of dissociation, multiplicity, food and/or body image problems, and young same-sex attracted women. Principles of embracing diversity, respectful conversation, freedom to understand your life and to define and pursue your own recovery, and a non-clinical language (ie talking about experiences rather than symptoms) have proved to be highly effective and broadly applicable.

I have delivered talks about hearing voices, the HVM approach, and a non-clinical understandings of distress and diversity for local and international organisations. I am deeply grateful to the many courageous and inspiring people in the HVM, and the frameworks that have encouraged me to understand my experiences in a different light and manage them without fear, shame, or stigma.

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