South Australian network for, by, and about people who hear voices and have other 'psychotic' experiences

Free Welcome Pack

Welcome Pack small size

Here is our free Welcome Pack! You can access this in several ways:

  • Download the links and print for yourself
  • Contact Sarah through to email you the pdf files
  • Contact Sarah to have one posted to you – the printing cost is around $4.00 each plus postage, if you can cover this that would be fantastic. If funds are tight we’ll cover the cost.

These resources were developed  to help people better understand and communicate about their experiences with friends, family, and professionals. Feel welcome to write on them, cross out what’s not relevant to you, and use them as a starting place for conversations.

  1. Strategies for Coping with Distressing Voices poster
  2. Quotes by people who hear voices
  3. Hearing Voices Declaration
  4. 10 Point Check-List for friends and family
  5. List of HVNSA Resources
  6. HVNSA Postcard

Depending on your region we include:

  • The Sound Minds group flyer (Adelaide)
  • The Sound Minds in the South group flyer (South)

If you’d like a set of flyers to give out or display at your organisation, contact Sarah with your postal address. Help with the printing costs is always appreciated but not a requirement. 🙂

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