South Australian network for, by, and about people who hear voices and have other 'psychotic' experiences

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This website has been written entirely by Sarah K Reece, a peer worker with lived experience. For more of her writing on these topics, see Psychosis and Voice Hearing Links on her personal blog.

If you experience dissociation with your psychosis, or experience your voices as ‘parts’ or ‘personalities’ you may find another network by Sarah, the Dissociative Initiative, to be a useful resource:

South Australian Links

  • Healing Voices Christies Beach Network Facebook Group
  • The Humane Clinic: Psychotherapy,counselling, education and consultancy who work with and educate about voice hearing and other experiences. They share information and host events and training. Facebook Page and Website.
  • Skylite (formerly MIFSA) offer support and education about voice hearing and other experiences. They facilitate local therapeutic groups and the facilitators may be available to speak with by phone or email for those seeking help or resources. Facebook Page and Website.

Australian Networks

  • Victoria Voices Vic
  • ISPS Australia International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis

International Networks

For Children and Young People

For children and young people who hear voices, Voice Collective is UK based and found at they have a number of free resources, an online forum, and this great booklet:

Other People who Hear Voices

There are many people who are open about their experience of hearing voices, and many mental health professionals who are part of the Hearing Voices networks and have websites, blogs, books, youtube clips, and other resources you may find useful.

Talk to Someone

If you’re in a crisis situation, please reach out for help. In Australia you can call 000 for a life threatening situation, or Mental Health Triage on 13 14 65 for mental health crisis, or to speak with someone urgently Lifeline are available on 13 11 14. These are all available 24/7 and although they’re not specific for voice hearing if you or someone else is in danger they are the fastest support available. If you’re struggling to get support from Crisis Services, I would suggest reading

If you’re struggling to find local supports or you’d like to talk with someone about your situation, you’re welcome to send an email to, or contact any of the group facilitators directly, please be patient as it can take time for a reply.

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